Welcome to Jenna Green 's Personal Fundraising Page
for Sophie and Madigan's Playground
2018 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend
presented by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
$1,395 Raised / $700 Goal

Help Me Reach My Fundraising Goal
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On February 23rd we will be taking our family to Disney World! As I was planning our trip I realized the Princess Half Marathon is going on while we are there!! I can’t believe it! Running this half marathon through Disney World would be absolutely incredible! I quickly hopped on the computer to sign up and they were sold out! I contacted many charities who are affiliated with this race but they were also sold out... Then I came across this wonderful charity called Sophie and Madigan’s Playground! The charity is in honor of these two sisters! It’s a wonderful charity and they have found a way to get me a bib for the race!!! But before I receive my bib and run in this prestigious race, I must fundraise $700. I would LOVE for you to help me reach this goal and raise money for such a wonderful organization! Every little bit counts! Thank you so much!!

The mission of Sophie and Madigan's Playground is to honor the lives of Sophie and Madigan Lillard by building a memorial playground and providing opportunities for children and their families to play, learn, and create lifelong memories together, and in ways that reflect the beautiful personalities and spirits of these two sisters.

My Sponsors
Kristie Engebretsen
"Good luck Jenna!!!!"
1/23/2018 - $25.00

Liz Tropia
"Hopefully all that fatty food you ate over the holidays doesn’t slow you down!!! Hahahaha Make sure you get a drink on me to celebrate after! Go get em Purple Peanut!!!"
1/9/2018 - $50.00

Julie Valentine
"God Bless you and the 2 sweet girls you are supporting with this event. Good luck and most of all....HAVE FUN! "
1/5/2018 - $10.00

The Brewerton Diner
"Go get’em! Have a great time at Disney! Do your best and rep your charity like a Boss!"
1/5/2018 - $500.00

Kirk and Vanessa Phillips
"Best of luck!"
1/5/2018 - $10.00

two guys sports bar
"love supporting you JENNA"
1/5/2018 - $75.00

Delbert Potter
1/5/2018 - $100.00

Jason Lukins
"Good luck Jenna. Enjoy this run and charity runs have a strong meaning behind them"
1/5/2018 - $20.00

Susan Shortell
1/5/2018 - $100.00

The Bratek Family
"Have fun! 💕"
1/5/2018 - $25.00

Robert Race. Jr
"Keep up the good work you are doing awsome "
1/4/2018 - $50.00

Jenn Baldwin
"See you there"
1/4/2018 - $50.00

Carolyn Emond
"Have Fun!"
1/4/2018 - $25.00

Denise Carlson
"Happy to help you run this race!!"
1/4/2018 - $25.00

JM Hanson
"I hope you have an amazing experience with this one! "
1/4/2018 - $25.00

Stacey Parody
"You're so inspirational!"
1/4/2018 - $25.00

The Houses
"💕Have so much fun with this one! 💕"
1/4/2018 - $25.00

Cassie Corsette
"You got this girlie!!!"
1/4/2018 - $25.00

Joey jerome
"From the Jerome’s 🏃‍♀️"
1/4/2018 - $25.00

Becky & Mat
1/4/2018 - $30.00

Anna Jerome
"You will rock it🏃‍♀️💪🏼"
1/4/2018 - $25.00

Jill Lombardo
"Good luck Jenna! "
1/4/2018 - $50.00

Dennis and theresa Green
"Love 💕 you jenna . Run your dream ..❤️❤️❤️"
1/4/2018 - $100.00