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2023 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend
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I was honored to get a spot running the Dopey Challenge next January for Sophie and Madigan’s Playground, and I am so excited to help them raise money and be a part of their team ❤️

When I first read the story of why this charity was formed it hit me so emotionally. I cried because being a parent myself, I couldn’t imagine what this family went through and how they formed this wonderful charity in memory of their two little girls, Sophie and Madigan. Sophie was 6 and a half years old, and Madigan had just turned 3. That’s only a little bit older than my son Phoenix is right now and I just can’t imagine the pain and grief this family went through, and how they built this amazing charity to keep their memories alive and help other families create lifelong memories together.

The memorial playground they created is absolutely stunning. Everything has been handcrafted and themed with things their little girls loved. There is a hand powered carousel, a castle, a pumpkin carriage, and it is an accessible playground so all children have access to play and have fun. They also have programs and events for families that they host. It’s located in Frederick MD, so only a few hours from where I live. I’m hoping to take an overnight trip with my family to see it in person this year. I know Phoenix will love exploring and playing there.

My son is a big motivation for why I run, and I’m so glad I can help fundraise for a charity like this!

The mission of Sophie and Madigan's Playground is to honor the lives of Sophie and Madigan Lillard by building a memorial playground and providing opportunities for children and their families to play, learn, and create lifelong memories together, and in ways that reflect the beautiful personalities and spirits of these two sisters.

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9/9/2022 - $10.00

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9/7/2022 - $20.00

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9/6/2022 - $25.00

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