Welcome to Heather Freeland's Personal Fundraising Page
for Sophie and Madigan's Playground
2022 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend
Member of Team: Runners Without Limits
My Sponsors
Kimberly Estabrook
7/1/2022 - $25.00

7/1/2022 - $10.00

Ryan Teetz
"Run Coach HJ Run!"
7/1/2022 - $10.00

Katie McBride
"Go get it coach HJ! "
7/1/2022 - $10.00

Jennifer Rickerson
"Good luck! I would love a visor if still available! :) <3"
6/30/2022 - $25.00

Craig A Schietecatte
"Congratulations Avalanche!! Good luck Coach!!!"
6/30/2022 - $100.00

Lisa Sjogren
"So happy to be able to support you. I would love a RWL hat! "
6/27/2022 - $25.00

Robyn Bechtel
"To the most amazing woman who has taught me so much about running and keeps me motivated to keep going, even when I want to give up. Thank you for all that you do for the running community. (visor so my hot mess of hair can fit please)"
6/26/2022 - Hidden

Micki Rossio
"Visor To a spectacular Woman! Thank you for all that you do!"
6/20/2022 - $40.00

Alison Sauer-Kelley
"I would love to sponsor mile 8 of the half!"
6/20/2022 - $10.00

"I would like to sponsor mile 4 of the half :) you will be awesome!"
6/20/2022 - $10.00

Bryce Beasley
"I would love to sponsor mile 7 of the half!"
6/20/2022 - $10.00

Julie Sandidge
"I will sponsor miles two and three of the half marathon. Good luck!"
6/20/2022 - $20.00

Jason Lange
"Thanks for all you do! This is a really cool charity. Visor Please."
6/20/2022 - $100.00

Kathryn Crossen
6/20/2022 - $25.00

Leslie Friedmann
"Good luck in your run! Would love a visor please!"
6/20/2022 - $25.00

"Thank you for all you do and being you. You are awesome! Visor please."
6/20/2022 - $50.00

Sarah Grier
"Visor please if you’re shipping internationally, if not, no worries!"
6/20/2022 - $35.00

April Fletcher
"Would prefer a hat & looking forward to wearing it at Wine & Dine weekend!"
6/19/2022 - $100.00

Mike Daker
"Hat please. Keep up the great work! Cannot wait to rock this hat on my runs."
6/19/2022 - $50.00

"Prefer a hat, but a visor would be fine too! Good luck with your training!"
6/19/2022 - Hidden

Doris Caramello
"Would love a HAT! Keep doing what you are doing! You are awesome!"
6/19/2022 - $50.00

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