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Welcome to the Super sisters Team Fundraising Page
for Sophie and Madigan's Playground
2023 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend
$885 Raised / $1,000 Goal

General Team Donations: $885
Help Us Reach Our Team Fundraising Goal
We are so excited to participate in the 2023 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend! Abigail has been wanting to run the 5k with Olivia for years now, but we had to wait until Olivia was old enough. Olivia and Abigail have been working hard by participating in run club at school to begin preparing for this race. We can’t wait to see their faces light up as they cross the finish line together. The joy and happiness being together brings is what being sisters is all about. This is why we chose Sophie and Madigan’s Playground as the charity we wanted to partner with. The light in the darkness is a sister’s love and the joy playing together creates. Sophie and Madigan’s Playground will provide countless hours for friends and family to enjoy each other’s company and creating a lasting bond and memories.

The mission of Sophie and Madigan's Playground is to honor the lives of Sophie and Madigan Lillard by building a memorial playground and providing opportunities for children and their families to play, learn, and create lifelong memories together, and in ways that reflect the beautiful personalities and spirits of these two sisters.

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Team Members

Team Sponsors
Stephen Gerhard
"Have a great race!"
9/3/2022 - Hidden

Grandma & Papa McCann
"Love you Abigail and Olivia and the good you are doing ,have a fun time . "
8/15/2022 - $150.00

Love our disney girls
"Good luck to our disney buddies, Olivia and Abigail"
6/30/2022 - $100.00

Al Costlow
"Proud of you Abigail and Olivia. "
6/29/2022 - $25.00

Sven/Stacy Christiansen
"Go Abi and Olivia!!!! Aunt Stacy and Uncle Sven LOVE you and are so PROUD of you!!!!"
6/29/2022 - $50.00

The Slickers
"Go get ‘em girls! "
6/29/2022 - $50.00

Chuck Lambing
"Abigail and Olivia - have a fun race!"
6/29/2022 - Hidden

Laurel Davison
"Love you girls!!! Have so much fun!!"
6/28/2022 - $50.00

The Pickwell Family
"We are so PROUD of you Abi and Olivia!! "
6/28/2022 - $50.00

David Thompson
"RDR Challenge Winner, Congratulations!"
6/18/2022 - $10.00

Keller Family
"So proud of you Abi and Olivia! Can’t wait to watch you crush the race! "
5/28/2022 - $100.00